“Never work with children or animals”..Or so they say.. A high end vintage jewellery client got in touch asking for my help promoting her frankly gorgeous and huge array of glimmering jewels.. But the market had moved on – these rare treasures had all been replicated on the high street …How could I create an eye catching campaign that would stand out??? Dogs…. rabbits….guinea pigs..frankly anything that was cute and fluffy – I stalked the streets look for pugs, bribed neighbours’ rabbits with carrots, took poodles out to lunch – all to string a vintage Versace over them and snap the image .. And Instagram loved it – we got USA coverage, magazine editors squealing with delight, and big hits on the website . So its a “yes” to fluffy pooches but I did have to decline the offer of a lizard – enough is enough even for a social media manager..