So there I am on a Sunday night, resplendent from a long leisurely lunch, and take a quick scroll through all the client accounts to check notifications ..

Oh dear – one very, very unhappy hotel customer who has penned a heartfelt and furious letter to my Hotel Clients Facebook page to explain just how disappointed she was with a lunch booking earlier that day..

Managing a client’s social media for me is about dealing with it 100%…. and managing negative comments is part of the service. With years of experience at the exclusive end of American Express ; where the ability to empathise and take the heat out of a tricky situation was essential – is still part of my daily dealings with the public as I promote brands via social media.

The ability to listen to a complaint, to react in a professional and thoughtful manner without compromise is a fine balance, as well as following up the issue to ensure it has been resolved is all part of the service ….and thankfully this particular lunch customer was happy to have been acknowledged, and refrained from further damaging comments on other forums – so all is well that ends well – until the next time …