Getting the call – “Will you take on my restaurant’s social media” is always exciting – to look at the brand, the location, the current social media , the TripAdvisor reviews – but I was reluctant!
When meeting a new client , talking through suggested campaigns you can almost see them closing their mind to the facts – A few tweets will not make a restaurant busy – it will take months of engagement and tagging, to research and associate with bigger brands and events – to make a difference to the reservations book..”Yes yes yes,” they say impatient for me to transform their social media and for queues to start forming outside the kitchens ..Firstly – it`s all about the images – I am no photographer but a creative mind and good camera on my Samsung Galaxy S4 has proved pretty good – Fresh, current and seasonal photos are so essential – so I drop down to the restaurants in Lewes and Brighton to take foodie and location shots most weeks – More than most agencies would offer? Yes indeed.. And those longed for reservations? Booked up most days.